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these songs were written and recorded in nagoya, japan for my album, 'living on the edge',
left-click the links to download them or right-click to hear them, either way, feel free and i hope you enjoy them.
x paul

whole of the moon (scott)

call me al (simon)

wish you were here (dobie / ardeema)

over my head (dobie / ardeema)

living on the edge (dobie / ardeema)

stealin away (dobie)

blocks of stone (dobie)


the following songs were recorded with jason graham on drums, alex donnely on guitar and shaun illson on bass under the banner 'the woodsmen'

weather with you (finn)

moondance (morrison)

make me smile (come up and see me) {harley}



one night not too long ago, i got home from a gig, went up to my little
studio with my acoustic guitar, turned
the recorder on and started to sing and play.
by the time the sun came up,the songs on the list below
became this album.

"I first heard these songs played in the now defunct cabaret lounges of Blackpool.
The Mecca Ballroom had the Palm Trees of the title, under who's plastic leaves, a generation of us fell in love............... and fell out. Enjoy the memories."

again, feel free to download any or all of these songs - just click on the names.


x paul

annies song

for the good times

fields of athenry

you've got a friend

cant help falling in love with you

till there was you

your song

the wind beneath my wings

for everyman

country roads

if you could read my mind

here comes the sun